Collection: Guess Sunglasses for Men and Women

Guess Eyewear

Guess is one of the most stylish, trendy and sustainable one amongst the rest. One of the best perks of Guess sunglasses is the low price range. As compared to the other big brands of the same class, the Guess sunglasses come in pretty low price, without even the slightest compromise on the quality.  The entire range of Guess eyewear offers a blend of classiness and trendiness. The frames easily fit your face shape and are made out of the best quality material. They are extremely sustainable, sturdy and provide excellent shock resistance as well. Guess has constantly lived up to the customers’ expectations and continued to provide the best and top notch eyewear to suit their individual needs.

Guess Sunglasses

Crafted out of lightweight plastic, the Guess sunglasses offer protection from harmful sunrays and ultra violet rays as well. Wearing them will not only glam up your overall look, but will also protect your eyes. They are chic and fashionable at the same time. Their quality and price is unparalleled. Many big brands come with an even higher price tag but, the Guess eyewear, on the contrary is quite affordable. The provide excellent value for money. If you are looking for some top class sunglasses to wear on a daily basis, Guess is most definitely the right choice. They will surely turn heads and make you looka fantastic. 

Guess Recommends:

Some of the bestselling ones from the Guess home includes:

  • Cat-eye Sunglasses
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Pentagon Sunglasses
  • Rhinestone Chain Square Sunglasses
  • Wired Sunglasses
  • Animal Print Sunglasses
  • Mirrored sunglasses
  • Oval Retro Sunglasses
  • Rimless Sunglasses
  • Round Sunglasses


Guess Sunglasses for men

If you are looking for some classy, sustainable and trendy sunglasses for men, Guess has a wide variety for you to choose from. They Guess eyewear instantly helps you achieve a more polished and dapper look. You can pair up the sunglasses with anything and they will look equally attractive. Owing to their decent designs, polish look and sturdiness, they will be an amazing choice. The Guess sunglasses for men are available in Matte texture, Metal Frame etc. You can choose from the wide array of decent colors such as brown, black, grey and a lot more. If you are looking for ways to glam up your overall look, these shades will be the only accessory you need.

Guess sunglasses for women

Guess offers a wide variety of trendy and sophisticated sunglasses for women. These sunglasses offer Ultraviolet as well as UVB protection. You can easily wear these timeless and classy shades in any season, and they will look equally attractive. They are not only fashionable, but functional as well. The logo details on each pair gives it a more flamboyant look. You can choose from the extensive variety of metal and plastic sunglasses from Guess. Each frame comes with adjustable nose pad to fit best according to your face shape. Try out the Cat Eye, Rimless Retro and Wired sunglasses from Guess to instantly achieve a more sophisticated look. Browse through the options on the website to find the best fit for yourself.